Roof Inspector in Fraser MI

There are two main reasons you would want to hire the services of a roof inspector in Fraser, MI. The first is if you have an existing home – with a roof, of course! – and you want to have it inspected because you are unsure of its condition. The second reason is if you are planning to purchase a new property and want to be sure that there are no problems with the roof that will leave you facing large bills once you have completed the purchase.

It is always worth your while obtaining the services of a professional and accredited roof inspector in Fraser, MI, such as Dennis Robert Roofing, as opposed to leaving the inspection to yourself or leaving it to anyone who has experience in the construction industry but is not an expert on roofs and roof construction.

What a Roof Inspector in Fraser, MI, Will Check During Your Inspection

Should you hire the services of a roof inspector in Fraser, MI, you can expect the assessment to take a fair amount of time. While some roof contractors may complete a roof inspection more quickly, they could be missing key issues that need to be addressed. A roof inspector in Fraser, MI, will undergo a series of detailed checks designed to check for faults in your roof.

During the inspection, the following elements of your roof will be given a detailed examination for faults, damage, and general wear and tear.

  • Conditions and defects with the roof coverings
  • The condition of the flashing and its effectiveness in preventing leaks
  • The state of the brickwork and pointing of your chimney
  • Potential drainage defects and damp problems, and the state of your gutters
  • Checking the conditions of any skylight, including the potential for allowing leaks
  • The shape of the brickwork, pointing, rendering, and capping of any parapet walls
  • The general shape and any possible issues with your facia and, soffits
  • The internal structure of your roof, including any signs of stress or damage, and the condition of the wood

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