Roof Inspector in Macomb County

If there is one thing that can be said about winters in Michigan, it’s that they are unpredictable. Okay, so there will always be wind, rain, and snow, but the force of the wind, the volume of the rain, and the thickness of the snow will vary yearly. There is one consistent factor of winters in Michigan, though – your roof will take a beating. Once the first spring flowers bloom, it’ll be more than worth your while to hire the services of a roof inspector in Macomb County.

What a Roof Inspector in Macomb County Will Do for You Depends on Your Roof

There are several types of roofs on buildings all over Macomb County – shingle roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, and so on. A roof inspector in Macomb County will have all the expertise necessary to examine all roofing materials to look for potential issues and problems.

For example, with a shingle roof, all the shingles will be inspected to see if they are loose, peeling away, or bowing. Shingle roof installations can also be complex, so the roof inspector will look to see how effective the roof installation was in the first place, keeping an eye out for any areas on the roof that are likely to give rise to leaks and wear and tear.

Matters are a little different when it comes to inspecting a metal roof. The roof inspector in Macomb County will look for weak spots on the roof itself, areas that have become corroded, and any drainage areas. Metal roofs in Michigan are especially prone to corrosion due to the heavy amounts of rain and snow that the state experiences. With a proper inspection schedule, a metal roof is much more resilient than a shingle roof and can last for over half a century.

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