Roofing Contractor in Michigan

Dennis Robert Roofing has served as a trusted roofing contractor in Michigan for over 40 years. Any company able to span that length of time has developed a trusted reputation for serving their customers well.

Based out of Sterling Heights MI, Dennis Robert Roofing goes above and beyond as a roofing contractor in Michigan in order to provide the best roofing repairs and replacements for both residential homeowners and commercial property managers alike.

Dennis Robert Roofing is a Roofing Contractor in Michigan That Does It All

No matter what kind of roof your structure needs—whether metal, rubber, asphalt shingle, or other—Dennis Robert Roofing handles every type of roofing. Not only do the professional and expert crews at Dennis Robert Roofing know the best methods for every type of roof as a longstanding roofing contractor in Michigan, but they only use the best products available.

Thanks to laying only top of the line CertainTeed shingles, Dennis Robert Roofing is proud to offer business owners and residents alike a 10 year workmanship warranty that also includes labor. You may be hard pressed to find another roofing contractor in Michigan who backs their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee like Dennis Robert Roofing.

Why Choose Dennis Robert Roofing as Your Roofing Contractor in Michigan?

Only well trained and knowledgeable contractors make the cut for the expert roofing crews at Dennis Robert Roofing. This is further demonstrated by their Shingle Master Certification offered only by CertainTeed to the most well-educated contractors. *** HE’S STILL GETTING THIS CERTIFICATION ***

The benefits of using a roofing contractor in Michigan with these credentials and certifications include perks such as an extended warranty coverage on their repairs or replacement, as well as abiding to a higher code of ethics.

As an experienced roofing contractor in Michigan, Dennis Robert Roofing understands the need to exceed expectations for those throughout the Michigan when it comes to both customer service and quality workmanship. Homeowners and property managers alike can trust Dennis Robert Roofing.

Dennis Robert Roofing has helped residents and business owners find resources to have roofing repairs or replacements covered by insurance in order to finance the expense when it is an issue for customers.

There’s no need to continue your search for the right roofing contractor in Michigan.

For a free consultation and estimate on your current roofing needs, call Dennis Robert Roofing at 586-295-1844.