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Chimney Repair in Sterling Heights MI

There are many reasons why you should get your chimney repaired as soon as possible. The first reason is that it will save you money in the long run. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, then the chances are that you will need to repair or replace it at some point. This can be very expensive and time-consuming, but if you wait until after the winter season, it could end up costing you much more than what you would pay for a professional chimney repair service company.

Also, if you do not repair your chimney before the cold weather sets in, there is the chance of having an issue with your home’s heating system. For example, if you do not fix any cracks on the flue pipe, smoke could enter your home during the colder months. In addition, if you do not take care of the problem right away, then you may find yourself spending a lot of extra money on repairs when you finally decide to call a chimney repair service company out. So, if you want to avoid these problems, you should schedule your chimney repair as soon as possible.

Another reason why you should get your fireplace fixed as soon as possible is that it is crucial to make sure that your chimney is safe. For instance, if you live in a house where you use propane gas for heating purposes, then you should know that if you do not adequately seal all of the holes around your fireplace, then this could be dangerous. It would be best if you never tried to heat your home without ensuring that the flues are sealed off completely. Otherwise, you might end up causing a fire inside your home, which could lead to severe damage and even cause injury to people living in your residence.

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Why You Should Get Your Chimney Repaired As Soon As Possible

If you want to avoid having your chimney catch fire, it’s essential to have it inspected every year by a professional chimney sweep. This will ensure that any issues are caught before they become serious problems.

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Seamless Brick Repairs With Color Matched Mortar

The mortar used in brick construction is typically made from Portland cement, with high alkalinity. This makes it difficult to adhere to the brick surface, so it needs to be sealed with a waterproof sealer before applying new bricks. 

To prevent water from getting into the mortar joints between the bricks, it is necessary to apply a waterproofing primer to the brick surfaces before sealing them. Afterward, the bricks must be carefully laid back down, ensuring that the mortar joints are filled with waterproofing material. Once this step is completed, the bricks can be painted or stained.

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Sealing the joints between the brick is essential to keep moisture out of the mortar, preventing the joint from expanding or contracting excessively. When the mortar starts to crack, air and other contaminants penetrate the wall structure, resulting in rot and mold growth.

When you hire a professional chimney repair company, there are several things that they will check for before they begin their work. First, they will make sure that the entire chimney is accessible. They will also look at the condition of the chimney itself, including its size, shape, and whether it is structurally sound. If the chimney is old, then they will inspect the roof and exterior walls to determine if they need to be replaced as well.

When repairing a leaky chimney, you should first contact a professional chimney repair service in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

What does a chimney inspection entail?

A chimney inspection involves climbing into the chimney to look at the flue lining and the roof. It’s not a job for amateurs. Before you climb into the chimney, make sure you’ve got all the right equipment.

First, you’ll need an extension ladder. A long enough one will allow you to reach up to the top of the chimney. Next, you’ll need a flashlight, a broom, a rake, a bucket with a lid, a screwdriver, duct tape, a penknife, a hammer, a level, a small saw, and a pair of gloves.

You’ll also want to wear shoes that won’t get stuck on the sharp debris found inside chimneys. And don’t forget to bring along a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy — just in case you need to file a claim later.

Once you’re ready to go, follow these steps:

1. Climb up onto the roof of the house. The easiest way to do this is by using the gutter system.

2. Locate the chimney entrance. You’ll know where it is because it will have an opening about four feet off the ground.

3. Open the door to the chimney. Make sure you use a tool to pry open the door. Never try to force the door open.

4. Put on your safety gear. Wear protective clothing (gloves, boots), eye protection (goggles), and a hard hat. Also, bring along a fire extinguisher.

5. Use the tools provided to clean the chimney. Start at the bottom and sweep away any soot, ash, or other debris. Then, brush the insides of the chimney with a stiff wire brush. Finally, remove any loose mortar or clay that has fallen into the chimney.

6. Check the roof. Look at the roofline to see if it needs to be repaired.

7. Clean the outside of the chimney. Sweep away any loose dirt or dust. Remove any bird nests. And finally, apply a sealant to protect the chimney from future damage.

8. Close the chimney. Once everything is cleaned, close the door to the chimney.

9. Seal the flue. Apply duct tape over the cracks around the chimney. This will prevent air from escaping through the chimney.

10. Repeat Steps 1 – 9 as needed.

11. Call Dennis Robert Roofing and Masonry at (586) 295-1844. After inspecting your chimney, they can tell you what repairs are necessary. Some repairs may include replacing the roof, installing new flashing, or relining the entire chimney.

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Things to Consider Before You Hire a Chimney Repair Service

You should first consider what type of chimney repair you need. If you live in a cold climate, you will probably want to choose a chimney service specializing in replacing flue linings. If you live in an area where it gets hot all year long, then you may want to hire someone who specializes in cleaning out chimneys during the summer months.

Another important consideration is whether or not you want to replace the chimney cap. Most people choose to replace their chimney caps every five years. However, some homeowners prefer only to change them when there is a problem.

When choosing a chimney repair company, you should ask how many years of experience they have? Will they provide references? How much does the job cost? What kind of guarantees do they give? Do they charge extra for weekends and holidays?

When hiring a chimney repair professional in Sterling Heights, MI, they must use proper equipment. For example, you shouldn’t use a broom to clean the chimney since it could cause serious problems. Instead, you should use a soft brush or a telescoping rod attached to one end with bristles.

You should also check the credentials of the person who will be repairing your chimney. Ask to see their license and insurance card. You should also find out if they are insured and bonded.

Before hiring a chimney repair service, you should always look up reviews online. You can find these reviews by going to Google or Bing. Read through each review carefully before deciding which contractor to hire. 

Chimney Services in Sterling Heights Michigan

If you’ve got a chimney problem, you might want to call a professional chimney repair service. The chimney is one of the most critical parts of your home because it helps keep your house warm and dry. A poorly maintained chimney can cause serious problems like carbon monoxide poisoning and fire damage. 

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A chimney repair service can help you get rid of any issues you may be having with your chimney. They can inspect your chimney, identify any problems, and recommend solutions. Once you’re satisfied with their recommendations, they can perform the repairs.

At Dennis Robert Masonry, we specialize in chimney repairs. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. We can handle any size of the project. We know that you need a reliable local contractor who offers excellent customer service. That’s why we’ve been serving the Sterling Heights community for over 30 years. Call us today at (586) 295-1844

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