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Chimney Repair in Fraser MI

If you’ve got a chimney problem, Dennis Robert Masonry will come out and inspect it and give you some advice on what to do next. It may not be necessary to call us immediately – if you wait a few days, we might be able to offer some suggestions based on our experience. Chimney repair in Fraser MI by Dennis Robert Masonry is here to help the good people in our community keep their homes warm and safe. We are your local chimney repair experts!

We have been serving the community for over 30 years. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the best service available. We specialize in all aspects of chimney repairs, including:

• Chimney inspections

• Chimney repairs

• Chimney re-pointing

• Chimney replacement

• Chimney cap installations

• Chimney flue liner replacements

Our professional technicians can also assist you with any other issues that may arise from time to time. We understand how important your home is to you, and we want to make sure that everything is working properly so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our goal at Dennis Robert Masonry in Fraser, MI is to ensure that your chimney is always working as efficiently as possible. If there are any problems, we will find them and fix them right away. We know that keeping your home comfortable and safe is very important, which is why we take great pride in providing high-quality services at affordable prices. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, contact us today – (586) 295-1844.

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Full-Service Chimney Professionals in Fraser MI

The chimney repair industry has grown rapidly since it first began. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that there were approximately 1.5 million residential fires involving chimneys in 2015 alone. That number represents a nearly 50 percent increase from 2010.

Why is this important? Because when your chimney gets damaged, it can cause serious problems for your home and family. If you have a leaking or broken flue pipe, you could face an expensive emergency. You also run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire damage.

We are here to help! We will provide free estimates, and we can even schedule repairs at no cost to you. Our goal is to make sure you get the best service possible so that your home stays safe and warm.

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Chimney Cracks

If you notice any cracks in your chimney, it may indicate that your flue isn’t properly sealed. This could cause smoke to leak out of your home and potentially cause damage to your property. You should contact a professional chimney repair service, such as Dennis Robert Masonry to inspect your chimney before the problem gets worse.

A cracked chimney can be repaired by replacing the entire chimney or just the chimney cap. The type of material used depends on whether the crack is located inside or outside the chimney.

Chimneys are a common site on homes, and they are often used to ventilate the home by allowing smoke and other gases to escape. A cracked chimney can be a safety hazard and should be repaired as soon as possible. There are two ways to repair a cracked chimney: by replacing the entire chimney or just the chimney cap. A chimney cap is the most common and least expensive of the two options. The cap is typically made of cement, fiberglass, or plastic. The entire chimney cap is replaced if a crack extends up through the bottom of it.

Cracked Flues

Flues can become cracked if they aren’t properly maintained. When a flue becomes cracked, it allows air to escape through the chimney instead of being burned. This causes smoke to enter the house, which can lead to health hazards and costly repairs. It’s important to call a professional chimney repair company like ours to check your flue pipes regularly. In the cold winter months, a working fireplace is a cozy and inviting way to keep warm.

However, if your chimney is cracked or damaged, it can be a safety hazard. A cracked flue can let carbon monoxide gas escape into your home, potentially poisoning you and your family. It’s important to have your chimney inspected and repaired if it is damaged.

Flue Pipe Leaks

Leaking flue pipes can be caused by several factors. For example, if the flue pipe is made of metal, it can rust over time. As the pipe corrodes, water can seep into the flue and eventually weaken the structure. Another common reason for leaks is improper installation. If the flue pipe was improperly attached during construction, it can break off during periods of extreme weather. A home’s chimney is an important part of its heating system, and it’s important to keep it in good condition. One common problem with chimneys is that the flue pipe can leak, which can cause a variety of problems.

If you suspect that your chimney is leaking, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Dennis Robert Masonry can check to see if your home’s flue pipe is leaking and can repair any problems that are found.

Masonry Chimney Repairs Fraser MI

The chimney repair industry has grown tremendously since the first chimneys were built hundreds of years ago. Today, there are many different types of chimney repairs available. Some are temporary fixes, while others may require a complete rebuild. If you notice any problems with your chimney, it’s important to contact Chimney Repair in Fraser, MI, by Dennis Robert Masonry at (586) 295-1844 immediately.

Our team of experts is ready to take care of your chimney needs. We can provide you with a free estimate, and we can even arrange for your chimney to be inspected right away. We look forward to helping you keep your home warm this winter.

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Chimney Crown Issues

The chimney crown is the part of the chimney that sits at the top of the flue. It protects the chimney from damage caused by high winds and heavy snow loads. If it becomes damaged, this could cause problems with the smoke flow through the chimney. In addition, the chimney crown also helps prevent fires from starting inside the chimney.

When the chimney crown becomes damaged, it will usually show signs of wear and tear. These include:

• Cracking

• Discoloration

• Missing pieces

It’s best to have your chimney crown inspected every year by a professional chimney inspector. If you notice any issues with your chimney crown, it’s best to contact Dennis Robert Masonry at (586) 295- 1844 immediately. Our team is located in Fraser, Michigan and our experts can come out and help you determine what kind of chimney crown repair is needed, and we can schedule an appointment for you to get started.

Chimney Liner Issues

The chimney liner is a layer of insulation that sits inside the flue pipe. It protects the metal from heat damage and helps prevent moisture from entering the flue system. If it gets damaged, it could cause problems like rusting and corrosion. The chimney liner should be replaced every five to seven years. However, if it shows signs of deterioration, it should be replaced sooner than that.

If you notice any cracks in the chimney liner or hear loud noises coming from the chimney, it‘s best to contact Dennis Robert Masonry at (585) 295-1844 as soon as possible. Our team of professionals is ready to inspect your chimney and give you some advice on how to best proceed.

How much does the average chimney repair cost?

A typical chimney repair cost varies depending on the size of the chimney, the extent of damage, and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. The price will vary from company to company and some companies may charge extra if they have to remove bricks or mortar. The great news is that we are currently offering %200 off any job over $2000 or more!

Hiring the Best Chimney Repair Near Me

A chimney repair professional will come out to assess the damage and give you some options. If the damage is severe, they may recommend replacing the entire chimney or just repairing it. They’ll also advise you on what type of chimney repairs are available, including brickwork, masonry, metal, and wood. You can choose whichever option works best for your situation.

If you decide to go with a new chimney, make sure you hire a reputable contractor who has experience working on chimneys. This way, you know you’re getting quality workmanship.

Repair vs Replace

There are two main types of chimney repair: patching and replacement. Patching involves using a special adhesive to fill small holes or cracks in the chimney. Replacement involves removing the old chimney and installing a new one.

Replacing a chimney is more expensive than patching because it requires removing all the existing material and then installing a brand-new chimney. However, it’s better to replace a chimney when it starts leaking or showing other signs of wear and tear.

What Does A Chimney Inspection Cover?

A chimney inspection and chimney services covers everything from checking the condition of the flue pipes and chimney walls to looking for cracks and leaks. The inspector will check the chimney for signs of structural damage, such as broken bricks, missing mortar, and loose bricks. They’ll look for signs of water damage, such as mold, mildew, and dampness. If there are any problems, they’ll tell you about them so you can take care of them before they get worse.

Questions to Ask Your Local Chimney Repair Service

The first thing you should ask any chimney repair service is what they charge per hour. If you don’t know how much it costs to fix your chimney, then you won’t know if hiring them is worth it. Remember, not all chimney repair services are created equal. Some offer cheap rates but provide poor quality workmanship while others charge high prices but deliver great results.

You should also find out if the chimney repair service offers free estimates. Most companies that do chimney inspections include this in their fees, which makes it easy to compare different companies.

You should also ask how long the company has been operating. Reputable companies will have a good track record and have been offering chimney repair services for years.

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Hopefully, we provided enough information to convince you that having your Fraser, MI roof repaired by Dennis Robert Masonry is the right choice for you. If you still need more info, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help! You will be blown away by our exceptional customer service!