Roof Inspection in Troy MI

One of the greatest ways that homeowners, property managers, and business owners can maintain their Troy MI property is through scheduling a comprehensive roof inspection from a trusted professional.

Thanks to a regular roof inspection, Troy MI residents can discover problems in the nick of time and avoid further damage to their home or business.

Unfortunately, not all build quality is the same when it comes to properties in Troy MI. Some homes and business are suffering from faulty construction or improper roofing layouts, but the issues are not necessarily noticeable without the right roof inspection to discern the issue.

Dennis Robert Roofing Your Experienced Troy MI Roof Inspection Professional

Dennis Robert Roofing is an experienced roofing contractor who has been finding faults and providing solutions for properties in the Troy MI area for more than four decades. The expert roofing crews of Dennis Robert Roofing continue to provide roof inspections Troy MI residents can trust.

Avoiding moisture damage to your Troy MI home or business begins with the right roof inspection. Preventing much more expensive repairs down the road is possible with a proper roof inspection now.

Knowing the condition of a roof is not easy with the naked and untrained eye. Problems with roofs in Troy MI like missing shingles, growth of vegetation, holes or leaks, and worn-out shingles that have lost their granules are often only spotted by a licensed inspector during a scheduled roof inspection.

The trusted roofing crews of Dennis Robert Roofing provide extensive roof inspection for Troy MI homes and businesses while also understanding how best to guard against damage in the future.

Extensive Roof Inspection for Troy MI Homes and Businesses

While some roofing contractors simply walk the top of the roof during a roof inspection on a Troy MI property, the licensed inspectors of Dennis Robert Roofing take a much deeper dive.

A sub roof inspection that takes a look at possible damage or the need for repairs to the frame, siding, trim, and decking underneath your shingles are all a part of a roof inspection for Troy MI homeowners who choose Dennis Robert Roofing to do the job.

To take advantage of the latest technology in roofing materials—like Atlas shingles—and options for financing any necessary roofing repairs following your roof inspection, call Dennis Robert Roofing at 586-295-1844 or get in touch online to schedule your Troy MI roof inspection today!