Roof Inspection in Royal Oak MI

Royal Oak MI is a community that takes great pride in the upkeep of its properties. This is evidenced by how the City of Royal Oak MI maintains the community’s common spaces, but also by the residents themselves.

A big part of residents and business owners adequately maintaining their property is through the best roof inspection Royal Oak MI owners can find. This is possible thanks to the availability of roof inspection from a local contractor like Dennis Robert Roofing.

Dennis Robert Roofing provides Royal Oak MI roof inspection that thoroughly assesses the condition of your roofing as one of the most experienced contractors in the Royal Oak MI area. Roof inspection for Royal Oak MI residential and commercial properties is only the beginning.

High Quality Roof Inspection Royal Oak MI Homes and Businesses Need

With over 40 years of experience as a roofing contractor in Southeast Michigan, Dennis Robert Roofing is trusted to provide high quality roof inspection for Royal Oak MI office buildings, residences, and multi-use facilities.

When it comes to knowing the condition of a Royal Oak MI roof, roof inspection is more than just visual. As an annual checkup for Royal Oak MI structures, roof inspection is the first line of defense against damage to a home or business.

Storms with heavy snow or high winds can tear through a damaged roof. Neglecting to schedule regular roof inspection leaves Royal Oak MI properties vulnerable.

The Royal Fix for Royal Oak MI Roofs Starts with a Roof Inspection

Fortunately, Dennis Robert Roofing provides only experienced, licensed, and insured inspectors for Royal Oak MI roof inspections. The trusted professionals at Dennis Robert Roofing ensure their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can even help owners with insurance claims.

The certified roof inspectors with Dennis Robert Roofing know that simply walking a home or business’s roof is not enough. Checking the siding and trim work as part of any Royal Oak MI roof inspection to ensure they are tightly sealed and installed correctly is also vital.

This is in addition to a sub roof inspection in order to know if there is any damage to the plywood or other type of decking underneath the shingles on your Royal Oak MI home and to the frame itself.

To schedule a roof inspection of your Royal Oak MI structure, call Dennis Robert Roofing at (586) 295-1844 or schedule an inspection online today!