The Best Time of Year for Roof Repair and Replacement

Sometimes the roof above our heads can get the out of sight, out of mind treatment. However, one intentional glance and it becomes obvious some work on the structure that does more to protect the rest of your home or business than anything else needs attention!

Even newer homes might spring a leak just a few years in. Homes or businesses can wind up with holes when contractors nail a ladder or scaffolding to the roof while finishing up construction.

Although severe weather is most often the biggest cause of roof damage—which does not discriminate between roofs of different ages—there are other common causes as well.

Branches and other debris from nearby trees can scrape the granules from your roof’s shingles and leave them susceptible to coming off during storms.

Different Benefits from Different Seasons

Whatever your cause of damage or need for repair, there are some benefits to having it repaired at different times of the year. Between the four options, there are pros and cons to each.

Spring is a good time of year for roof replacement when it comes to air temperature, but there are some downsides to the season. One of the biggest reasons is because springtime is when most homeowners hop on their home improvement lists—which often includes roof repair.

Quality roofers get swamped in the spring and getting on their schedule can be difficult. Another issue with spring is the strong storms that tend to roll through during this season.

There are fewer storms crossing the country during the summer, which makes a delay in the roof work less likely. Early summer tends to provide enough sunlight and heat during the long days that benefit the tar strip on each shingle. This helps them to adhere properly and prevents future flyoffs.

Winter Tends to be the Worst

Winter is especially tough in a place with cold and snowy weather. Aside from the weather risks, the cold temperatures also lead to shingles losing their flexibility—making them more difficult to install.

Of course, more important than time of year is the quality of roofer you choose to replace your roof. Dennis Robert Roofing has over 40 years of experience as a trusted Southeast Michigan roofing contractor.

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