Spring is the Season to Renew your Roof

The snow has thawed, the days are getting longer, kids are hitting the ballfields, and neighbors are returning to their outdoor activities. Along with the uptick in the hustle and bustle this time of year, there is more for us to be concerned with beyond just mowing lawns.

An often overlooked area that should also be receiving attention is the one above our heads. The roof over our home or business should also be front of mind. Some roofing issues relate to the season specifically and for others spring is simply the best time to take care of this type of maintenance.

From the Outside In

Just as replacing gutters, repairing windows, and upgrading decks are on the top of the lists this time of year, examining roofs should join these common spring actions as well.

For businesses and homeowners, this is as simple as taking a walk. A quick walk around a house or other building is the first and easiest way to spot signs of wear and tear. Issues to keep an eye out for include moisture spots, mildew, debris, and worn shingles.

Each of these conditions is typically spotted with the naked eye from ground level. Taking a look at downspouts and splash blocks for an increased level of shingle granules following heavy spring rains is another way to know if it is time to replace worn shingles no longer able to protect your home or business.

Make Annual Maintenance a Regular Rhythm

Coming inside the home, it is also a good idea to inspect ceilings and attics visually in the spring. There should be no signs of exposure regarding either. However, if there appears to be light making its way through or indication of moisture damage, contacting a roofing professional will help stave off a larger issue in the future.

Spring is the best time of year for general cleaning and trimming as well. Cleaning out gutters and cutting back vegetation that may be dropping debris on your roof are both vital to keeping your roof protected from damage.

An assessment from a trusted local roofer is the best way to ensure your roof is spring ready this season! If you notice any potential issues or simply do not have the time to inspect it yourself, call Dennis Robert Roofing at 586-295-1844 or get in touch online today!