Shingle Repair in Sterling Heights MI

If your roof looks well past its prime, it probably has many damaged shingles. If you are looking for shingle repair in Sterling Heights, MI, it will pay you to get it done correctly. You may be tempted to repair the shingles yourself – in that case, we will explain what needs to be done with shingle repair in Sterling Heights, MI. After reading all that needs to be done, you’ll hopefully be better placed to take our advice and hire the services of an experienced shingle repair company in Sterling Heights, MI company instead.

Shingle Repair Sterling Heights, MI – What Exactly is Involved?

The first thing that you will need to perform is a full assessment of the roof. While some shingle damage is obvious to spot, many shingles may need replacing where the damage is not immediately evident. Therefore, the damage to your shingled roof must be ascertained before repairs start. As you will be accessing your roof, it is crucial that you take all the steps necessary to ensure your safety, as a fall from your roof will cause severe injuries and may even be fatal.

You will need to understand that having large areas of damaged shingles usually means that your roof needs a more major repair than replacing a few. The underlying structure of your roof may be damaged too, which is a significant undertaking to repair.

Replacing the Damaged Shingles with Shingle Repair in Sterling Heights MI

Replacing shingles seems simple on the surface (of your roof!). Shingles are usually held in place by nails, so it is a question of removing the nails and then sliding the shingle out. Make sure that this task is done during decent weather conditions – too hot, and the shingles may adhere themselves to the roof, and too cold the shingles will be brittle. If you do not do this carefully, there is always the risk of damaging undamaged shingles. Adding replacement shingles has to be done carefully, too, of course.

If you need clarification on shingle repair in Sterling Heights, MI, reduce the risk of your efforts creating further problems by having Dennis Robert Roofing repair or replace your shingles. We are trained professionals who have repaired thousands of shingles while we have been in business. You can contact Dennis Robert Roofing today at (586) 295-1844 and one of our experienced roofing contractors will be happy to come out to your property to assess any roof damage.