Roof Repair in Troy MI

The need for roof repair is not always as evident as a tree falling on your home or business. However, there are some classic signs your Troy MI home or business needs immediate roof repair that are not as apparent.

First of all, if a homeowner or property manager begins to notice that shingles are either missing, cracked, or have begun buckling—roof repair should be their very next call. The cause of these issues with shingles are most often from moisture making its way to the roof decking.

Other causes in Troy MI include installation that was not properly installed, a lack of ventilation, or storm damage. These problems can also lead to shingles that are darker than the others on the roof or even wet shingles.

Keep an Eye Out for Needed Roof Repair

Taking a good look at your shingles will give you an idea of your need for roof repair in Troy MI. The climate of Troy MI often leads to homes and businesses requiring routine roof repair. One way to know is by checking gutters and downspouts for shingle granules.

Granules are added to asphalt shingles as protection against constant ultraviolet rays from the sunlight and also act as a fire retardant. If the shingles from the roof of your home or business have lost much of their granules, then your property is less protected against potential roof damage.

Fortunately for Troy MI homeowners and property managers, there is a local roofing contractor who uses only the most advanced roofing materials in performing roof repair.

The Toughest Materials for the Easiest Roof Repair in Troy MI

Dennis Robert Roofing is proud to feature innovative materials for roof repair to Troy MI residents. For example, the experienced crews of Dennis Robert Roofing use Atlas shingles for roof repair.

Atlas shingles are known for providing steep slope protection on homes and businesses while also retaining the beauty of a roof long after the roof repair is complete. Those in the Troy MI area can count on the Atlas shingles used by Dennis Robert Roofing to provide class 4 impact resistance along with wind resistance of up to 150 miles per hour.

Thanks to the financing options provided by Dennis Robert Roofing, all Troy MI residents can afford the roof repair they need.

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