Roof Inspection in Michigan

When it comes to Michigan roof inspection, there can be a lot of fly-by-night options that show up only to canvas entire neighborhoods with their solicitations. You may have been interrupted by the doorbell or a knock on your front door from a solicitor asking that you sign up for a roof inspection here in Michigan.

These roofers and insurance adjusters may try to convince you of a need for a roof inspection in Michigan following a storm—sometimes even referencing the specific date of a recent storm—in order to schedule an inspection in hopes they may uncover damage covered by insurance.

It is no wonder that many homeowners and business owners in the area fall into the trap set by those looking to use Michigan roof inspection solicitation for making some fast money.

Fortunately, peace of mind can be found in having a roof inspection Michigan residents can trust from a reputable roofing contractor like Dennis Robert Roofing.

Michigan Roof Inspection Done Right

Dennis Robert Roofing uses only certified home inspectors who are licensed and insured. When it comes to doing residential and commercial roofing repairs in Michigan, roof inspection is critical. Roof inspection in Michigan is different for different types of roofs and structures.

A licensed and insured contractor like Dennis Robert Roofing provides Michigan roof inspections for all types of roofs—metal, rubber, asphalt shingle, and more! As a family-owned business, Dennis Robert Roofing features over 40 years of experience providing roof inspections in Michigan while helping owners with insurance claims legitimately.

Roof Inspection in Michigan Requires a Keen Eye

Roof inspection that Michigan property managers and residents can rely on is sometimes hard to come by. Michigan roof inspection performed by Dennis Robert Roofing inspectors, however, provides confidence for homeowners thanks to always being performed by a licensed contractor with a solid track record.

The trusted professionals with Dennis Robert Roofing are well known as expert inspectors who take time to walk your roof and search for damage to every layer. Examining the plywood or other decking underneath your shingles as part of a sub roof inspection can reveal damage of which Michigan homeowners may be unaware.

To take advantage of the latest technology in roofing materials and for a roof inspection Michigan homeowners can be certain of, contact Dennis Robert Roofing. Call Dennis Robert Roofing at (586) 295-1844 or use our online contact form today!