New Roof in Fraser MI

You’ve probably had to repair your roof countless times over the past few years, mainly if your roof is more than two decades old. Roofs take a lot of battering – wind, rain, hail, and snow during the colder seasons and bleaching sunlight during the warmer ones. If it’s a case of ‘another month, another repair,’ then a new roof in Fraser, MI, might be what you need.

Could a New Roof in Fraser MI, be the Best Solution? Here Are Some Ways you can Tell!

If your roof is between twenty and thirty years old, then it’s likely time for it to be replaced. The most common type of roof installed in the United States is an asphalt shingle system, and such roofs have lifespans averaging around 25 years. The good news for you if you decide to get your roof replaced is that new roofs have a lifespan of 40 years, so you may never have to replace your roof again!

Because housing developments are typically built quickly, all the houses within a development will age at the same rate. If you have noticed recently that many of your neighbors are replacing their roofs, this is a clear indication that you might need to replace your roof too.

Failing roofs have many easy-to-spot symptoms. Missing shingles is a clear indication that something is amiss. A repair might be in order if only one or two shingles are missing. If shingles are falling from the roof frequently, then it’s probably best to get your roof replaced.

The health of your surviving shingles is a good indication of the state of your roof. If your shingles are curling, that’s a sign that they are coming to the end of their lifespan. The same goes for cracked shingles. Shingles can also bow in the center, showing heat damage or age.

Looking to Install a New Roof in Fraser MI? Then it’s Important That You Talk to the Right People.

If you have decided to install a new roof in Fraser, MI, on your property, then it’s essential that you get an experienced local roofing contractor to do the work properly. For a new roof in Fraser, MI, the people you need to speak to are Dennis Robert Roofing. We have forty years of experience in Michigan roofing, and you can trust us 100 percent to get the job done right.

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