How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

When it comes to making our homes energy efficient, most homeowners only consider the inside of the home. This thinking often leads to missing a major opportunity for using less energy through eliminating energy waste.

Energy efficiency is more than just the lightbulbs and appliances you choose. Some of the biggest culprits of losing energy efficiency have more to do with the large spaces in your home—including the one over your head.

An effective strategy for improving household energy efficiency begins with targeting walls, attics, windows, doors, and—most importantly—the roof. There is likely no space on your property with a greater opportunity to improve energy efficiency than your roof.

Energy Efficiency Starts from the Top Down

A poorly insulated attic, which can be due to either a lack of material or the use of outdated insulation, is one of the primary ways a roof loses its energy efficiency. For those who are in a home with some age, an inspection from a licensed roofing contractor will determine if insulation is needed, as well as the type and correct volume of insulation.

Another factor in the energy efficiency of a home’s roof has to do with its color. While there are roof coatings that can be installed to offset the heat from being in direct sunlight, many HOA’s do not permit the use of coatings.

When roof coatings are not an option due to restrictions or personal preference, another option is choosing lighter shingles that do a better job of reflecting heat, rather than retaining it. Quality shingles like those from Atlas Roofing provide several options of lighter shades that increase energy efficiency while also providing the best protection available.

Think Outside the Roofing Box

An asphalt shingle roof is most common on homes typically, an accomplished roofing contractor like Dennis Robert Roofing—who has been serving Michigan residents for decades—will have experience working with all types of roofing.

Choosing a less traditional material may be the best method for improving the energy efficiency of the roof on your home or business. Whatever material you choose for your roof, it is vital to have it installed by a credible roofing contractor.

Beyond replacing your existing roof, keeping it in top shape will also increase its efficiency. Call our team at Dennis Robert Roofing at 586-295-1844 or schedule a consultation online today!