Atlas Shingles – The Most Advanced Roofing Materials on The Market Today

When we think about innovation, there is probably one industry that fails to come to mind. This is also an industry that everyone uses and even takes for granted, but rarely ever thinks about.

The roofing industry is one most would not consider to be the most innovative. After all, isn’t it just laying some material over a frame—like they’ve been doing for centuries? While roofing may not appear to have come very far for the casual observer, the truth is that materials are always evolving.

One of those materials is the shingle that is installed over underlayment, sheathing, and the trusses of a roof. Shingles provide the best balance between look and effectiveness as they protect a home or business from the elements.

The Most Innovative Shingle Available

One of the most innovative products for roofing lately is the shingle from Atlas Roofing. There are several reasons why Atlas Roofing shingles are becoming the go-to for advanced roofing repair and replacement from contractors like Dennis Robert Roofing.

The Atlas shingle is designed with Scotchgard Protector built right in. You have probably noticed how roofs begin to feature vertical black streaks over time. This is due to algae growing on top of the shingles as water cascades down the roof.

The Scotchgard Protector in Atlas shingles is an integrated protection against the growth of algae, which works to keep roofs maintaining their original, unstained look for years to come.

Stronger Shingles for Improved Performance and Protection

Atlas shingles also offer much more protection against the elements than traditional shingles. To get technical, this is due to their Core4™ enhanced polymer technology. That’s right—technology! Again, this is not a word you might associate with roofing material, but here we are!

The technology provides a much higher resistance to harsh weather and greater performance in guarding against high winds.

The best part of Atlas shingles is that they provide all this extra strength and higher longevity for the same cost to homeowners. All these benefits—from an upscale architectural profile providing greater curb appeal to more protection for your home or business—is why Dennis Robert Roofing chooses Atlas Roofing shingles for roof repair and replacement.

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